Replace esUNW with UNW as the primary emission token

esUNW was meant to reward the long-term stakeholder of Uniwhale, allow UNW holders to convert to such long-term stakeholders while giving esUNW holders an option to convert back to UNW if they need. While sound in theory, what we observed in practice was the incentives were not attractive enough for UNW holders to convert to esUNW, while the incentives that were allocated to UNW (instead of esUNW) were not attractive for UNW holders to stake, often leading to little reasons to buy and/or stake UNW and thus creating selling pressure.

So the Proposal calls for a clear distinction between esUNW and UNW, with esUNW continuing to reward the long-term stakeholders of Uniwhale but in a way that does not compete with UNW (see “Migration of esUNW to “esUNW-v2””) and for UNW to be the primary tool for incentives for Uniwhale, i.e. be the primary emission token.

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