Uniwhale is an oracle-based perpetual DEX where you can trade, with up to 200x leverage, BTC, ETH, and many mainstream crypto assets, directly from your wallet.
As a liquidity provider, you can provide liquidity with stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, and more, to earn real yield from market-making and leverage trading.
Based on objective price oracles and single-sided liquidity, Uniwhale aims to deliver the best trading experience for traders with zero credit risk and minimize impermanent loss for liquidity providers.
  • Oracle-based price execution means zero slippage.
  • Single-sided stablecoin liquidity means zero impermanent loss.
  • Decentralized on-chain trading experience means zero credit risk.

Uniwhale infrastructure is fully decentralized

  • We provide fully decentralized web links. You can run locally if you like.
  • Connect through https://uniwhale.co for speed and convenience.
  • Use any IPFS gateway to use the service even when the main website is not accessible.
  • Mitigate DDOS attacks.
  • Unique CID makes our app immutable, mitigating MITM attacks.
  • Censor-proof distribution, we will live no matter what.

Last modified 10mo ago