Testnet Trading Competition

Start date: January 30, 2023

Duration: 2 Weeks


  • No registration or KYC required to participate in the competition. Simply use the Uniwhale Testnet.

  • There will be a number of trading sessions over the two weeks and you can participate in as many as you like.

  • Each trading session lasts 48 hours, with the starting time of each session announced on Discord.

  • You will be a winner for a trading session, if your session ROE (net PnL over margin used) is in the top 3!


  • The first-placed winner receives 50U.

  • The second-placed winner receives 30U.

  • The third-placed winner receives 20U.

  • The winners will receive airdrop boosts at the Uniwhale Mainnet Airdrop Event.

  • The winners will also receive the Uniwhale Genesis Pass whitelist.

  • If two addresses have the same ROE, the address with higher trading volume ranks higher.

Rewards and Announcement Time:

  • Start Time + 48 hours = End Time Please note only those trades opened after Start Time will count. All open position will be automatically closed at End Time.

  • After each trading session, we will announce the session results together with the new session time on the Discord Announcement channel and distribute rewards.

  • The winners’ airdrop boost points will be automatically accumulated on the Airdrop Dashboard (coming soon).

  • The winners can claim NFT whitelist on Discord. Please note the whitelist can be claimed only once.

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