Our Vision

In Code We Trust

Back to where it started: Satoshi created the vision and practical path of a trustless solution - Bitcoin. Code never lies, and saves us from having to trust a centralized authority.

DeFi, as an alternative to CeFi, provides full on-chain transparency and a strict limit on the use of user funds. With code, credit risk can be made minimal.

Permissionless, Trustless, Transparency

Not we, but our community decides who has the right to use and benefit from the platform. We believe in the power of full decentralization and permissionless, trustless, transparency.

Uniwhale team is committed to contributing and bringing this vision of the platform to our community, incentivizing everyone to participate in the DAO to BUILD together.

Best User Experience

Unknown slippage, uncontrolled impermanent loss, complicated UX, inflated farming yield - we see many issues in the current DeFi protocols. We are a team of web3 developers/builders, joining the efforts to address these issues.

We aim to bring the best trading experience to traders, and the most intuitive liquidity provision to liquidity providers, but without harmful token price volatility.

Who We Are

Goodsanai - Chief Architect | Smart Contract Builder | Risk Management | ex-Wallstreet Quant

Sophon - Core Contributor | Business Development | Tokenomics Advisor | ex-Wallstreet Quant

Weller - Chief Product Design | Operation & Marketing | Community Lead | Web2 veteran & CMO

Orca - Decentralized Dev | Full Stack | Day Dreamer & Night Coder | Web2 veteran & CTO

Bok - System Architect | Optimizer | Perfectionist | Data Analyst

Catt - Community Lead | NFT Degen & Advisor | Serial Entrepreneur | Product Design

Coral - Designer | Researcher | User Experience Designer

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